How Do I...

  1. Adopt an Animal

    Learn how to adopt an animal from the animal shelter.

  2. Apply for a Burn Permit

    Find out how to get a burn permit in the community.

  3. Check My Voter Status

  4. Contact the County

    Review contact information for the county.

  5. Find Sex Offenders

    Locate any sexual offender in the community using online tools.

  6. Get a Marriage License

    Obtain details about getting a marriage license.

  7. License a Dog

  8. Obtain Criminal Records

    Peruse through criminal records.

  9. Pay My EMS Bill

    Get details about paying your emergency medical bill.

  10. Pay My Property Tax

    View the information on how to pay your property taxes.

  11. Renew my Driver's License

  12. Report a Code Violation

  13. Sign Up for Emergency - Notifications

    Sign up for Code Red and other notifications.