Road and Bridge

For the current on call foreman and emergency/after hours phone number,
please call (970) 887-2123.

For burning or weed information, please call the Division of Natural Resources at
(970) 887-0745  

For any other issues, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (970) 725-3343

For construction and road information, please click here.

Eastern Morning Sunrise
This morning sunrise picture was taken by Road & Bridge Employee Steve Dechant.

Grand County Road and Bridge has maintenance responsibilities for 769 miles of roads. You may encounter some delays on any given road while we strive to provide you with safe and well maintained public roads. 

We appreciate your patience and as always, please feel free to contact our office with any questions, concerns, or comments at 970-887-2123.


Important Dates:


2018 Road Hearings: SUSPENDED

2018 Snowmobile Hearings: SUSPENDED