The Grand County Clerk and Recorder is responsible for administering primary elections in June of every even year, general elections in November of every even year, and coordinated elections in November of every odd year.  Administration includes coordinating with the participating entities, programming the election, designing the ballot, testing the voting equipment, mailing the ballots, verifying the integrity of the returned ballots, maintaining the privacy of each voted ballot, and tabulating the results.  In addition, the Clerk and Recorder is responsible for all voter registration functions including registering citizens to vote, making updates to voter registrations and maintaining the voter database.

Voter Registration

It is our mission to process and maintain public voter registration records and to ensure that the opportunity to participate in the democratic process is provided to all eligible voters.

If you would like to register to vote or update your voter registration record and you have a Colorado Driver's license or ID card, you can do this online at www.GoVoteColorado.com.

If you do not have a Colorado Driver's License or ID card or you would like to register using a paper form, please print and complete the Colorado Registration Form and return it in person, by mail, by fax, or by email to:
Grand County Clerk and Recorder
308 Byers Avenue
PO Box 120
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO  80451
Fax:  970-725-0100
Email:  grandelections@co.grand.co.us

2016 General Election

Sample Ballots

Blue Book

Below is the link to the Legislative Council Blue Book webpage where you will find digital copies of the Blue Book in English and Spanish.  An audio version is also coming.

Blue Book
County Tabor Notice

Mail Ballots

In 2013 Colorado became an all mail ballot state.  All active registered voters will be sent a ballot in the mail to the mailing address on record in the state voter registration system.  You can verify your information at www.govotecolorado.com.

For the 2016 General Election we plan to mail out ballots to all active registered voters on October 17, 2016.  Our ballots are ready to mail!

Ballots ready to mail

If you would like to pick up your ballot before October 17th, you just need to call our office to let us know.  When you come to pick it up, you will need to show an ID such as a driver license or a passport.  It is not possible to pick up anyone's ballot but your own.  Each individual must be here in person to pick up a ballot.

You may cast the ballot by mail, drop it off at the Grand County Administration Building's 24 hour drop box or at any other drop off location.  If you plan to mail your ballot back to us, the United States Post Office recommends that you mail it early.  The required postage is 68 cents.  During the Primary Election we saw delivery times of up to 12 days for a ballot to get from voter to the county.  The ballot must be received in the Clerk and Recorder's Office by 7:00 p.m. on November 8, 2016 in order to be counted.  Postmarks do not count. 

Be sure to sign the affidavit on your ballot envelope.  If your stub falls off, please return it with your ballot.  A detached stub does not disqualify your vote.

A voter can go to www.GoVoteColorado.com to see if we have received his or her ballot.

If we have not received a voter’s ballot, the voter can come to the County Administration Building and vote in person.  If a voter decides to do that and we get his or her ballot in the mail, we will void the ballot received in the mail. 

If you prefer to cast your ballot in person, simply visit our Voter Service and Polling Center where your mail ballot will be voided so that you can vote in person.

Drop Off Locations

Check out the new 24 hour drop box at the Grand County Administration Building!  It is open to receive ballots as of October 7, 2016.  The drop box is under 24 hour surveillance.  

Grand County Admin Building Drop Box

Grand County Admin Building Close Up with Sign

Similar boxes are being installed at the Grand Lake Town Hall, Granby Town Hall, and the Grand Park Community Center.  There is also a 24 hour drop box at the CSU Extension Hall in Kremmling.  These boxes will be open to receive ballots on October 19, 2106.

View a list of our Drop-off locations

2016 General Election Results

Unofficial Election Results available after 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Voter Lists

To request a voter list, please complete the appropriate form below.  It may be submitted by mail, fax or email.  
Application for Voter List
Official's Application for Voter List

Equipment Requests

The Clerk and Recorder's office is willing to lend election equipment such as voting booths and ballot boxes for use in municipal and special district elections.
Equipment Request Form